How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Garage Door: Tips and Tricks from the Pros


Regular care and maintenance is essential for ensuring the long-term health of your garage door. While it’s important to have a professional inspect and repair your garage door when necessary, you can take many simple steps to extend its lifespan. Here are some tips from the pros about how to keep your garage door running smoothly and safely for years to come. Lubricate all moving parts regularly. Just like any other mechanical device, your garage door needs lubrication to run smoothly and reduce wear-and-tear on its parts. Apply a high-quality…

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Common Garage Door Problems and How to Avoid Them


Garage doors are essential components of any home. They provide security and convenience but can also be prone to mechanical issues if not properly cared for. Common garage door problems can range from minor annoyances to major safety hazards. To avoid costly repairs or replacing the entire unit, it is important to be aware of common garage door issues and how to prevent them. One of the most common problems with garage doors is misalignment. If the door is not properly leveled, it may not open or close correctly and…

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