5 Tips and Tricks to Have a Healthy and Younger Looking Skin

Everyone likes to have a healthy a younger looking skin. However, most people fell prey to cosmetics and other ways that do not work. While cosmetics can do this by concealing your skin, they are not effective in actually making your skin healthy and younger looking. Here are the five tips and trick that actually make your skin healthy and younger looking.

Say NO to Smoking

Say NO to Smoking

In my opinion, smoking is the biggest cause of premature aging and sagging of the skin. A study compared smoking and non-smoking identical twins. You would be astonished to see the pictures. The smoking twin looks considerably older and has sagging skin. If you are a smoking addict, try to use nicotine gums and taper off nicotine to save you skin as well as health.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The second most important factor in aging of the skin is direct sunlight. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that cause wrinkles and aging of the skin. Even indirect sunlight can have some ultraviolet rays, but they are way less harmful than the direct sunlight. Remain in shade and use a sunscreen to have a younger looking skin.



Exercise triggers many mechanisms in our body with desirable outcomes. One of these outcomes is healthy and younger looking skin. Keep a long-term schedule of exercise and look younger for the years to come.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is one of the best tips and tricks to make your skin younger looking. Our skin bears all kinds of harshness. It is subjected to harmful ultraviolet rays, pollution, germs, and many more things. Exfoliation peels off the damaged skin and gives a chance to the new skin to grow.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Girl eating lunch at kindergarten

Processed, artificial, and unhealthy foods ultimately show up as aging skin. There are a lot of healthy and tasty options to eat, explore them. Eating healthy is easier than you think, especially if you cook your own food.