Lesley Carter Brings Her Son to His 14th State

Botantical Gardens

Lesley Carter, the owner of Bucket List Publications, has visited every state in the US and every province in Canada. Now, she’d like to say the same for her son, Max. Maxwell Smith is two years old and he’s already visited 8 countries and 13 states. He recently crossed off state number 14 with a week-long trip to Phoenix, Arizona. Here’s what they would suggest adding to your Phoenix bucket list if you’re traveling with a toddler. What To Do with a Toddler in Phoenix, Arizona Arizona Science Center  …

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Top Traditional Spanish Foods to Try

Top Traditional Spanish Foods to Try

While in any new country, you want to take the time to experience the local cuisine. While you can get variations of international foods at home, there is something special about eating authentic cuisine while in the country. The next time you are in Spain, make sure to try the following foods. If you don’t have any trips planned in the near future, then tide over your curiosity with a local restaurant. You can even use a Postmates promo code and have it delivered to your door. Churros When you…

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Do You Need To Call A Garage Door Repair Company Or Should You Try Repairing It Yourself?


Your garage door is an essential part of your life. From keeping your car safe to storing seasonal items, it’s a multi-purpose space that you rely on daily. But what happens when it breaks? Should you attempt to fix it yourself or call a garage door repair Norfolk VA company in? Here are some things to consider. Safety First You may think fixing your garage door is simple and easy, but if you don’t know the ins and outs of garage doors, you could end up hurting yourself or someone…

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Bulgaria Transfers with Transfer Bulgaria Group


Searching for the best airport transfer service in Bulgaria? Wondering how and where you can find the best transfer services at the Bourgas Airport? No worries, you are in the right place. In this article, you’re going to know about a reputed airport transfer service provider that has a very good reputation in the market. Transfer Bulgaria Group offers reliable airport transfers, shuttles, and taxis from Bourgas, Sofia, Plovdiv Airport, and Varna to any destination at affordable rates. Transfer Bulgaria Group is the only name that comes to most people’s…

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Resort Enhancements with Timeshare Software Technology


How to improve guest service levels, increase resort revenue and reduce costs. Your Guests are VIPs Improving guest service levels has profound effects on a resort’s future. A positive guest experience will generate positive reviews on-line and will foster word-of-mouth referrals. Great reviews and referrals boost the image of your resort and have a direct relationship with improvements in occupancy and rates. So, let us explore how we can use technology to optimize the guest experience at your resort. Modern timeshare software uses guest profiles to personalize guest experiences, so…

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The Best Places to See in Thailand


Planning to travel to Thailand? Want to brush up on your knowledge about the most popular places in Thailand? You have come to the right place. Thailand is an Asian country that is home to tropical beaches, ancient ruins, opulent royal palaces, and ornate temples showing prominent figures of Buddha. Bangkok is its capital city that is widely recognized for its ultramodern cityscape and ornate shrines. It is also known for many iconic temples of Wat Pho, Wat Arjun, and the Emerald Buddha. The most popular beach resorts include fashionable…

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Tips for More Smoke in Your Session


During the Hookah Ottawa session, a cloud of dense and voluminous smoke always impresses, but there is no use so much smoke, if in your mouth there is a burning taste! Here are some tips, with techniques to increase the amount of smoke, interfering as little as possible in the flavor of the essence: Check the seals of your hookah Check the fitting of the bowl, hose and vessel rubbers, ensuring that everything is completely sealed. The more air you get (where you shouldn’t), the less smoke! Check your hose…

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Norman Keith White Thinks People with Mental Issues Should Be Given Special Relaxation for their Wrongdoings

Norman Keith White Law

Norman Keith White is a highly experienced business attorney who has served clients from all over the world. During his professional career as an attorney, he has earned a lot of popularity and respect. This is why the majority of people who’ve already worked with him feel no hesitation in recommending him to anyone struggling with matters related to criminal law or intellectual property. He is fully capable of representing yourself before the court, whether your case is related to entertainment, business law, civil law or criminal law. A little…

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A Full Introduction to Charlie Walk, One of the Top Leading Music Executives

Charlie Walk

Charlie Walk is a very popular American music icon and music executive. He burst upon the scene with his appearance on a TV show called ‘’The Four: Battle for Stardom.’’ Walk co-hosted the show with other judges named; Meghan Trainor, Sean Combs, and DJ Khaled. The music competition earned a lot of praise and recognition globally. Chalir Walk, with his decades-long professional career, aims to do big for the music industry. He is a big advocate of using the latest technology for the betterment of the music world. The Music…

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Get the Best Advice About Your Kids’ Education from Adiylah Washington

Adiylah S. Washington 3

Adiylah S. Washington is a highly talented, certified educator who has been working for the betterment of education for decades. She is deeply committed to improving the quality of education and believes everyone has a right to get quality education. Currently, she is working at Englewood Public Schools. Adiylah also has worked at Lady Liberty Charter School as a school business administrator intern, at Robert Treat Academy Charter School as an educator, and at Duke University as a research associate. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and…

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