Plan Your Holiday and Visit Beautiful Seoul

Seoul, capital of South Korea, is a beautiful destination known for its enriching culture. It is also entitled as homeland of well-being, and is a great destination for food lovers. The variety of cuisines available in Seoul is puzzling and these capture the essence of old-fashioned culture. There are many roof top restaurants in Seoul that serve oodles of cold noodles. These noodles are soft in their texture and made of buckwheat. The meat dishes served in restaurants are excellent and something people crave for. By population density and landmass, Seoul is the largest city in the world and is regarded as soul of South Korea.

Plan Your Holiday and Visit Beautiful Seoul

 Why People Love to Visit Seoul

The history of this city is profound and it spans over 2000 years ago.  The city incorporates wide range of languages and culture and the architecture is breathtaking too. Some of the major attractions tourists love to visit in Seoul include National Museum of Korea, Bukhansan National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Changdeokgung Palace Complex and Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty. Panoramic views of the nature around can be enjoyed by cable cart, bus ride or a short subway.

Enjoy Good Food in Seoul

You can even explore lots of temples in this amazing destination which is home to innumerable cultures from the nearby regions. In just 3-4 days you can visit the top attractions in Seoul if the route is carefully planned by the tourist. The varied restaurants in Seoul offer local specialties like Saeng Galbi, Khimchi and meat. Individuals who are adventurous can enjoy pickled, spicy and traditional foods which have strong flavors. Steaming golden rich soup hot bowl is served in the Korean barbeque palace. You can have a fine dining experience even in Sanchon and taste the rep pepper wraps and perilla seed soup.

 Why Visit Seoul

The major financial and cultural centers of East Asia are in Seoul. There are many world heritage sites, shrines, palaces, gardens, museums and glass and steel skyscrapers in Seoul. To discover the city you can even make countless trips to this place and explore its charm. The cultural sights of Seoul are notable and individuals interested in historical sightseeing can visit this destination. If you are interested in viewing photogenic temples, then Seoul is the best destination as it is a vibrant city.

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