How the International Hotels Association (IHA) Can Help You Grow Your Business

The International Hotels Association (IHA) was established in November 1947 after the merger of the European Aubergistes Association and the Asian Innkeepers Association. Its mission was to represent the hotel and restaurant industry and lobby governments and public sectors for better policies. In 1949, the IHA moved its headquarters from London to Lausanne, Switzerland. In March 2009, the Swiss government officially registered the IHA as a non-profit association. In the last decade, it has become one of the world’s leading trade associations.

The largest markets for branded hotels are emerging economies like China, India, and the Gulf States. By 2020, the countries will surpass the USA in the number of visitors. For this reason, an additional 1.4 million branded hotel rooms would be required in these three countries. The Gulf States would require more than 3.6 million branded hotel rooms. With these growth rates, the IHA has been working hard to help the industry meet these demands. With a focus on sustainable development, international hotels are becoming more environmentally friendly and provide more amenities to travelers.


With more than 1 billion people traveling globally every year, the IH&RA aims to make the industry more environmentally friendly and profitable. The association is led by Dr. Ghassan Aidi, the President of the International Hotel & Restaurant Association. The IHA also monitors international agencies, which regulate the hotel and restaurant industry. The industry is worth more than 950 billion USD worldwide. But the future of the hospitality industry is not yet rosy. In the meantime, a strong economy and an increasing number of tourists mean that the IH&RA can help you grow your business.

The third largest hotel group in the world, Hilton Hotels, plans to add 600 hotels in the next decade. Growth continues to be strong in the United States, where its operations will reach 1,010,257 rooms in 2021. In the US, InterContinental Hotel Group held the top spot for many years. It will continue to grow a modest 0.3% between 2020 and 2021. With eight86,036 rooms, the InterContinental has become the largest hotel group.

The IH&RA was founded by international hotel companies to help promote the hospitality industry. The IH&RA is an international trade organization and was established in 1931. Its members include the United States, Europe, and many other countries. The IH&RA is the world’s largest hospitality association and is funded by the hotel industry. The IH&RA is the global authority on the hotel industry and is responsible for promoting and maintaining good standards.

IH&RA is an association of national hotel and restaurant associations in a wide variety of countries and languages. Its members include luxury brands such as InterContinental, Sofitel, Mandarin Oriental, and Four Seasons. It is also the global trade body for hospitality. Its members include more than 60 million people and generate 950 billion dollars in revenues per year. The association consists of more than 400 member companies and over 200 countries.

The IH&RA was founded by international hotel and restaurant associations. The organization is funded by hotel companies and is a leader in the development of sustainable tourism. Its members fund IHEI, a global organization of international hotel and restaurant associations. The IH&RA is a member of the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, and is the governing body for the tourism industry. Its members are based in Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, Washington, D.C., and Hong Kong.

As a member of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association, you will benefit from access to all of their members and discounts. The IHRA’s website is a great resource for information about the industry. For a better understanding of the IHA, visit the website. Its online directory contains information about hotels and restaurants. There are many advantages to staying in the IHA. You can enjoy the hospitality of international guests at an affordable price.

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Among the advantages of an international hotel is its location. They can offer excellent service for a variety of cultures. The most notable benefits of staying at an IHA-certified hotel are a number of amenities and services. For example, they are a member of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association. The IHR is a member of the World Tourism Organization, which represents the major international hotel and restaurant industry. These members will be able to offer you high-quality customer service at an affordable rate.