Top Tourist Destinations in Israel

Planning to visit Israel in your coming holidays? Wondering what places you should visit during your stay in Israel? Well, this blog post is going to help you. So read thoroughly till the end to know the maximum.

Before you start your trip to Israel, you should first brush up on your knowledge about Israel to avoid any inconvenience or mishap along the way. You can also consider availing guided tours in Israel to make your Israel trip that much awesome.


Israel is a Middle Eastern country usually regarded by Muslims, Christians, and Jews as the biblical holy place. The most sacred places are in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Tel Aviv is the financial hub of the country and is widely known for its beaches and Bauhaus architecture.

Top Tourist Attractions in Israel

Masada National Park

Masada is situated on a huge plateau overlooking the great Dead Sea. It’s an old fortress located in the country’s southern Judean Desert. King Herod’s Palace and a bathhouse constructed in roman style are among the ruins. The Masada Museum provides you with recreations of ancient scenes and archaeological exhibits.

Ein Gedi Reserve

Ein Gedi which means ‘’Spring of the Kid’’ is a nature reserve and oasis in Israel situated in the west of the Dead Sea, near the Qumran Caves and Masada. This place was listed as one of the most recognized nature places in 2016. Around one million people visit this site every year. This is an ideal place for people wanting to unwind both mentally and physically.

Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor is a historical site where the Battle of Mount Tabor took place. The war was between Jabin – the Canaanite king of Hazor, and Barak – son of Abinoam of Kedesh. For Christians, it is the site of the transfiguration of Jesus.