The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Barcelona: The Pan’s Club

If you’re on trip in Barcelona city with family and moreover also like vegetarian food, seeking a friendly vegan restaurant may be not easy for you. Kids often have very selective food habits and may pull their hands back from foods by which they’re not well-known. In addition, a few vegetarian restaurants serve very definite customers, often ones which have boisterous kids.

Unfortunately, it implies that some vegetarian families have to order only traditional dishes. But by using only some minutes to search some more vegetarian restaurants locally, you may find more choices that all individuals in your family will enjoy.

Different than the hotels all over Spain, there are a lot of vegetarian people in Barcelona city. Therefore, more vegan and vegetarian restaurants are starting their services constantly, and also a lot of bars having certain tasty brunch Barcelona and quiches Barcelona choices.

Vegans can’t fail to taste mouth-watering Spanish omelets in any El Born restaurant. Tortilla de patatas is usually most used version, but it is also available with spinach or zucchini.

However, you will see that The Pan’s club, a vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona understands the idea of vegetable diet better than any place all over Spain, it is always worthy to check that a vegan recipe doesn’t has any fiber of meat.

Catering2You will also find there many dishes as quiches ,bagels, smoothies  There is also available a lunch box that combines one slice of quiche and two salads daily crafted  for 8,40€.Crave for a desert that are amazing as their brownies.

Vegetarian and gluten-free dish choices are remarkable in the menu and such vegan dishes are served mostly my many tourists.

The Pan’s Club, Plaça de la Llana,16, 08003, Barcelona – Phone: 932 776 827 Email: [email protected]

The Pan’s Club | Restaurante “Fait Maison”