Tips for More Smoke in Your Session

During the Hookah Ottawa session, a cloud of dense and voluminous smoke always impresses, but there is no use so much smoke, if in your mouth there is a burning taste!

Here are some tips, with techniques to increase the amount of smoke, interfering as little as possible in the flavor of the essence:


Check the seals of your hookah

Check the fitting of the bowl, hose and vessel rubbers, ensuring that everything is completely sealed.

The more air you get (where you shouldn’t), the less smoke!

Check your hose

Following the same logic as the air inlet, take your hose off the hookah and blow it out.

Notice if it is broken at some point or has small holes through which air is escaping. Check out the most suitable Hookah Hoses Ottawa for your hookah.

Coal – quality and patience

Opt for quality coals (coconut please) that will produce the required amount of heat and not go out during the session.

In addition to choosing a good charcoal for your Shisha Ottawa, be patient when lighting it – wait for it to be fully lit before placing over the bowl.

Preheat the essence

After placing the charcoal in the bowl, wait 1-2 minutes without stirring. After that, rotate the coals with the intention that the heat completely warms the essence.

Rotate and remove the ashes from the coals

During the session you should hit and reposition the coal, not always leaving them in the same place.

Hitting and rotating the charcoal ensures that it does not turn off and keep the heat longer in your session, thus generating more smoke!

Choose the essence well

Some essence brands tend to make more smoke than others, the difference is not so much, but there is!

In general, opt for essence with more molasses.

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