Manaslu Circuit Trekking: Challenging but Rewrading High-Altitude Trail

My partner and I had been trekking around Asia for a few months when we decided to take on the infamous “Manaslu Circuit Trek”. We’d heard it was more demanding than other popular Nepal hikes, with high altitude passes and few amenities. But the jaw-dropping scenery of the Manaslu Himal had us eager to give it a shot. Little did we know the challenges—and rewards—that awaited us along the way.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking

One thing we discovered quickly was that the name “Manaslu Circuit Trek” doesn’t do justice to its technical terrain in places. Steep boulder fields, loose rock trails and sketchy ledges required us to navigate cautiously. My partner turned her ankle early on and had to take it slow. By the third day, altitude sickness was also kicking my butt. We questioned our choice to take on such rugged mountain trails.

Pushing Through Adversity

But we vowed to persevere, taking regular breaks to help acclimatize. Villagers also encouraged us, sharing herbs and remedies. Their kindness motivated us to push on even during our lowest points. Crossing high passes like Larke La was no easy feat, yet pausing to soak in emerald valleys and towering peaks put everything in perspective. Though the challenges seemed endless at times, the sweeping vistas fueled us forward each day.

Untamed Mountain Majesty

In the end, all the difficulties faded in the light of our achievements and what we gained from the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Gazing upon the power and splendor of Manaslu’s north face above Sipti, or the remote grandeur of Lunak Valley—these untouched wildernesses left us speechless. We felt lucky for the opportunity to experience such raw mountain beauty. All the effort felt worth it to discover such an untouched gem of a route.

A Trek to Remember

While the Manaslu Circuit Trek lived up to its reputation as a demanding high-altitude circuit, we wouldn’t trade those hard-earned memories along the way. Its mighty mountains, kind villagers and sense of adventure made us feel truly alive. 

Even years later, we reminisce fondly about conquering that special route together, faults and all. It truly was an unforgettable mountain journey.