Discovering the Beauty of Sharm El Sheikh: A Traveler’s Guide to Egypt’s Top Beach Destination

Situated at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula along the Red Sea coast, Sharm El Sheikh is one of Egypt’s most popular beach resort towns. With its beautiful coastline, warm climate, and easy access to nearby attractions, it’s no wonder this destination draws in so many visitors each year looking to relax in the sun. 

In this traveler’s guide, we’ll explore some of the top things to see and do in Sharm El Sheikh to help you uncover the beauty and charm of this Egyptian beach paradise.

Soaking in the Sun Along the Shores

One of the main draws of Sharm El Sheikh is its stunning coastline dotted with powdery white and pink sand beaches. Naama Bay Beach is the most popular public beach in the city, located right in the heart of the main tourist area. Here you’ll find beach clubs, water sports rentals, and cafes lining the shore. 

For a more secluded experience, head to Nabq Protectorate Beach, about a 30-minute drive south along the coast. Its protected status means the beach sees far fewer visitors, allowing you to truly unwind in peace. No matter which beach you choose to spend the day, don’t forget your sunscreen – the Egyptian sun is strong!

Escursioni a Sharm el Sheikh

Just offshore from the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh lies a true underwater paradise. The Red Sea is renowned for its spectacular coral reefs and abundant marine life, making it a top diving and snorkeling destination. Popular dive sites like Ras Mohammed National Park, which is located about an hour south of the city, offer visibility of up to 30 meters and the chance to see whale sharks, dolphins, turtles and over 1,000 species of fish. 

For a more accessible snorkeling experience right from the shore, head to Ras Um Sid Reef just north of Naama Bay. Rent snorkeling gear and float among vibrant corals and tropical fish. Whether you choose diving or snorkeling, escursioni a Sharm el Sheikh allow you to discover the vibrant underwater world that lies just offshore.

Exploring the Mountains and Desert

While Sharm El Sheikh is all about beach relaxation, don’t forget to set aside a day or two to explore some of the natural attractions nearby. Just 30 minutes inland lies the dramatic Saint Catherine’s Monastery, the oldest working Christian monastery in the world located at the foot of Mount Sinai. 

After visiting this historic religious site, take a hik e up Jebel Musa, the actual Mount Sinai where Moses is believed to have received the Ten Commandments. 

Another worthwhile excursion is a 4×4 safari into the desert and mountains surrounding Sharm. On these tours you’ll visit Bedouin villages, hike canyons and wadis, and watch the dramatic desert sunset. It’s the perfect contrast to your beach days.

Indulging in Seafood and International Cuisine

No trip to Sharm El Sheikh is complete without sampling the fresh seafood. Head to any of the many seafood grills and restaurants lining Naama Bay promenade to feast on grilled prawns, calamari, red snapper and more, all simply prepared to let the natural flavors shine. For international flavors, you’ll also find no shortage of options in this cosmopolitan resort town. 

Sample wood-fired pizza and pasta at Italian eateries, tuck into shawarma and falafel at Egyptian cafes, or indulge in Indian curries, Lebanese mezze and Asian fusion dishes. After dark, many restaurants transform into lively beach clubs where you can dance the night away to live music and DJ sets.

Relaxing in Luxury Hotels and Resorts

With over 150 hotels to choose from, Sharm El Sheikh caters to all budgets when it comes to accommodation. For luxury and all-inclusive relaxation, check into one of the many beachfront resorts lining the coast. 

Options like the Jolie Ville Signature Sharm or Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh Resort & Thalasso offer spacious rooms, private beaches, swimming pools, spas and a wide array of on-site amenities and dining options. 

Opt for an ocean view room to wake up to stunning Red Sea vistas every morning. Those morning. Those morning. Those on a budget can also find good value at smaller hotels, apartments and guesthouses scattered around the city center and beaches. Wherever you stay, you’re never far from the sea in this coastal paradise.

In conclusion, Sharm El Sheikh truly delivers as a beach lover’s dream destination with its warm climate, beautiful coastline and easy access to water activities and natural attractions. Through escursioni a Sharm el Sheikh, one can discover the vibrant underwater world and experience the contrast of mountain and desert excursions.