Adventureful Things to Do in Fort Myers, Florida

It’s not easy to find more outdoor adventureful activities than the Fort Myers region.

The fishing is very exciting and most favorite in Charlotte and Lee County that is why a large number of people come to tarpon fishing competition every year.


Many miles of shoreline of Picturesque islands attract shell collectors and canoe lovers. Bird watchers are just about as numerous as the birds are.

But not everything is linked to naturally relaxed activities. Visitors can enjoy more extreme sports such as water skiing and parasailing. And let’s not forget about jet skis.

Let’s experience the best ways to experience many adventures at Fort Myers, Florida.

Get your Oars Now

The big paddling competitions of Calusa feature some of the great outdoor activities in Charlotte and Lee regions. The 305 kilometers of water trails are great for small boats, which follow the shoreline waters lapping the Mexico Gulf. This race crosses  Estero Bay, passing the Pine Island and Caloosahatchee River. A trail map, which records some ends during the way, helps other people plan their routes and know what regions is fun for first comers and what is better for more experienced ones. Make sure to take birding binoculars and possibly even fishing accessories. And pay attention to the manatees too.

Introduction to Everglade

Around 40 miles away and at east side of Fort Myers, there is the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. A four-kilometer elevated boardwalk winds its way through pine forests, then across wet prairies and a swamp. The site is part of the Atlantic Forest and therefore, in addition to the birds, the national park attracts many bird watchers. There are many programs, including directed walks, the swamp, and night walks. There are also special swamp buggy trips that last around three hours and take participants to the Everglades.